University Students Made Flour From Cockroaches

University Students Made Flour From Cockroaches

After some years malnutrition will be the big issue of world. But the Brazilian students tried to sort out this matter. Here we are going to inform you about the research of students of Federal University Reverend of Brazil; in which Andréa Locus & Lorene Megon were included.

They after feeling the future malnutrition; made the flour of cockroaches. With this flour we can make pan cakes biscuits bread and all bakery items. Flour prepared by cockroaches has more than 40%proteins from wheat. Students of researching cockroaches said that flour of cockroaches have high amount of fatty acid and amino acid.

Like the researchers of omega 3-9 told that in coming years the insects will be the part of human diet because it contains high proteins. Especially locus & Megon have declared that wheat flour contain only 10% protein while cockroaches flour contains 49.16% protein.

However both of them didn’t clear the procedure of cockroach’s flour. They emphasize in their research that in near future people will face malnutrition so by making the insect part of diet we can control the food’s shortage.

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