Wireless Charger For Tablets And Smart Phones

Wireless Charger For Tablets And Smart Phones

Startup Company “Yank Tech” has made a wireless charger for smart phones and tablets, which are known as “Mother Box”.

As you know that it has become need for everyone to use mobile, tablets or laptops in every field of work and for communication with each other. So there is the always be the problem to charge up these devices. To solve this problem the startup company “Yank Tech” has made a wireless charger that as like a small ball, when it is plugged in the electric socket, then it can charge all the nearby tablets and smart phones. However, it’s necessary for the devices that have to be charged by the wireless charger; to have USB (Universal Serial Bus) port in it, which will be provided with the Mother Box.

This device can charge any smart phone and tablet at the rate of 2 to 10 watt; which depends on the distance between the charger and the charge-able devices. Smart phones and tablets of android and IOS (Internet Operating System) both can be charged by this Mother Box.  The very small version of Mother Box uses the battery, which don’t have need to be plugged in the electric power but it can be recharged by plugging in to the electric socket.

Yank Tech Company has collected more than 25 thousand dollars with the help of crowed funding for the wireless charger and its first version will be offered in the market in September 2017. The customers who will be booked first to buy the wireless charger; this device would be sale to them in 79 dollars. On the other hand the announcement of its fix price is expected in a few months.

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