06 Secrets Of Human Brain

06 Secrets Of Human Brain

Scientists have known several secrets of human body through research and experiments but they are not known to the facts of brain. However latest secrets are revealing slowly through modern scientific research. Some surprising exposures from them are here given below:-

1. One Thousand Hundred Millions Neural Cells

As you know when a human being tries to recall any talk, it takes some time. In this case some people abuse their memory. Actually there is no any fault of the brain at that time. In fact brain is a compound of 100 million neural cells. When we try to recall any talk then our orders pass out with the rate of 250 to 390 per second. So it takes some time to follow our orders. Another interesting thing: The brain is only 2% of weight of human body but during performing its tasks it utilize 20% of human energy.

2. Google is making the brain weak:

American researchers after their research have discovered currently in the University of Colombia that when human being uses internet then he give more attention to the memory instead of thinking. This action can weak the brain and he starts forgetting many talks. So we should focus on observation and thinking while using internet.

3. Junk Foods and drugs:

Before some months Walandizi specialists have made a weird experiment. They call the names of Burger, Chicken, and Chips etc. Then those parts of their brain got motivated; that got motivated of the brains of drug users. According the specialists this motivation originates from a hormone that create activation of excitement and taste; dopamine.

4. Music and passed memories:

The songs that was listened in childhood remained save. Before three years the exposure has been made in an experiment that when a person listen an old childhood song then he at once recalls many passed memories in his mind and his mood also become better.

5. An ability to make Prediction:

It has come to us that the front part of human brain, Front polar Cortex; can make prediction about future by originating results from the past experiences. That does not contain any superpower however we are able to make short predictions about future due to some experiences.

6. Mental Computer Game is not good:

Specialists have made play of twenty children; the mental games that are being played on computer. In this duration some children give better response but specialists have made the result that mental games don’t have positive affects for tolerance, learning abilities and for memory. Instead of it listening music can sharp up our memory. American University, Stein Ford have known after research that a person who listen music can do perform his duties administratively, give proper attention to his duties, make predictions and remain busy in updating his memory.

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