03 Practicable Few Tips to Identify Pure Honey

03 Practicable Few Tips to Identify Pure Honey

The latest physical research has made revealment that honey has super antibiotic qualities in it. This is the reason that honey bees made honey by sucking the juices of different flowers and herbs. Like this medical advantages of many botanic made honey the pure gift of nature. However, only we get benefits from honey when it is pure. The sale of artificial and pseudo honey is rashly continued in the markets of Pakistan in these days because majority of the people do not have identification that the honey is pure or dummy.

Few methods for the identification of pure honey are given below:-

  • In this method for the vetting of honey you need to have a lighter and candle. After dipping the baft abb of candle into honey; shake it and after then try to burn the fire on by using the lighter in it; if this candle get fire on then take it as this honey is pure.
  • Take a glass of water and pour a spoon full of honey in it. If the honey is pure, it will not dissolve in water. If it is not then it will dissolve in it because available honey in markets is being making of jaggary.
  • Put some drops of honey on dissolving paper. If this paper dissolves the drops then its meaning is that the honey is not pure. If you do not have the dissolving paper then you can use white cloth instead of it. By throwing some drops of honey on it; wash it after some time. If the vestige of stain remains on the cloth then its meaning is that the honey is not pure.
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