FPSC Jobs: Consolidated Advertisement No. 7/2019

E-Mail Address: Phone No.  051-9205075 Ext. 385, 377,236,243,241 & 298 Islamabad, Thursday the 4th  July, 2019 Consolidated Advertisement No. 7/2019 Intending  candidates  may  apply on-line  upto  22nd  July,  2019  for  the  following vacancies.  Also  visit  FPSC’s  website  for  details  mentioned  in  the  General Instructions to the candidates. Case No. F.4-109/2019-R (7/2019) Name of Post                                                 Qualification                                                   […]

what is computer

What is a computer?

Defination: What is a computer? Computer is an electronic machine that takes input from input devices does process on input data via processing devices and provides output on output devices in user readable format. It does all process in very fast speed and can also store data on storage devices permanently or temporarily for future use […]